Short Takes: Dr. John, Chelle Rose, The Replacements and More
Chelle Rose
Ghost of Browder Holler
(Lil’ Damsel)
Rating: ★★★½☆

“I need something like morphine, only better,” growls Chelle Rose on her sophomore release. That something is you which indicates how badass country swamp rocker Chelle Rose is. Run Lucinda Williams’ backwoods drawl through Miranda Lambert’s my fist-your face attitude and you’ve got the no-nonsense Rose. It helps having rebel southern country legend Ray Wylie Hubbard as producer, especially when he brings a great band that includes the Faces’ Ian McLagan and drummer Rick Richards. But it’s Rose and her sassy stance that makes the Dixie Chicks sound like Taylor Swift and pushes this into the red where it stays for 40 swaggering, brash minutes.