I Need You

Written by Julie Miller. ©Tinkie Tunes/Martha Road Music. ASCAP All Rights Reserved.

I need something like morphine only better
I need something like a kiss that lasts forever
I need something like money that will not burn
I need something I need more, more than I can earn

I need something like a cure for my soul
I need something like amnesia for things I know
I need something like a mother cause I’m just a child
I need something like an asylum cause I go wild

I need something like dynamite for the mess I’m in
I need something like a tattoo underneath my skin
I need somebody more than a lover in my bed
I need somebody here with me, here with me in my head

I need something bad and I need it now
I got something wrong with me, you can see
I think you better fix it ’cause I don’t know how