25 Must-See Bands at SXSW 2013

Even Satan knows better than to f*** with Chelle Rose. That’s the truism she lays out in the center of the slow-moseying, creepy-as-hell “Leona Barrett,” seething, “I don’t know who I trouble more: The mean ol’ devil or the good ol’ Lord acheter cialis 5.” Need further proof? It’s all over the brooding, beautiful Ghost of Browder Holler, a record that takes the same sinister spirit found in bands like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and transplants it to ragged booze-bucket country music. Rose’s voice is a wonder, a smartass sneer that jabs like a hundred middle fingers. Her pronunciation drips with delicious contempt: she shrugs off a louse of a lover by drawling, “My skin ain’t sowft enuff, my kisses would not douww.” She dispenses with him like she’s flecking a fly from the lip of her MGD. — J. Edward Keyes
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